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Humans of Data: 009

“We need more [global] south–south collaborations. I’d like to approach this and get in touch with people I’ve met here, and I’m trying to identify other people in Latin America that have the same interests. Our data problems might be different from England or Canada or elsewhere in the north. We have a lot of data that might be at risk of disappearing in the next few years, and this might be a bigger problem in developing countries.

I’m also concerned about how the southern hemisphere is going to contribute. How do I get the funds that I need to get the work done that I need to do? Trying to be part of this community is going to be a challenge for financial reasons. I would surely not be here except for GEO and CODATA support; this was very special for me to receive that funding. Otherwise I would miss this incredible opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing.

I think that open science is the only way forward to answer the complex problems that have been presented by society. These problems are not local and involve so many different knowledge domains. We need to do science from a more collaborative perspective to be able to tackle these challenges. Collaboration is what I’m really passionate about. When I return to Brazil I’ll start to talk to people and see how we can go from here.”

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